Spikes & Sparrow – Bags with character

We create bags with character for people with personality. Long lasting and sturdy bags with timeless appeal, that age beautifully and become over time as unique as their free-minded owners.

Our Story

Your bag shares your life with you. It’s with you during most of your adventures, big or small. During your failures and your successes, your highs and your lows. And that is exactly what life’s about and what our name Spikes & Sparrow celebrates: knowing how to deal with the setbacks and how to enjoy the successes. Read more about our story here.

Our Leather

Leather is a very old and traditional material that has been used by generations for many purposes. The leather that Spikes & sparrow uses is made of skins that are a by-product of slaughter for meat-consumption only. It is a natural material, that we treat in such a way that our bags show what they are made of, ánd that they will last a long time. Your bag will actually improve het look over time, partly by developing a warm patina during use, and partly by the “accidents” she suffers in your company.

To make sure you can see it is a natural product, we don’t add an artificial protective layer on top of the leather. And since no piece of leather is the same as any other anyway, your bag already starts out as being unique. Only getting more so during use. Click here to learn more about our leather.