Privacy policy

Visitor data

We collect some anonymous visitor data from one or more visits to our site ( We use this data only to understand how our site is used, and how we might improve it. This data will never be traced to an individual or organization.
When people register themselves on our site, we will only ask them for details that we require in order to fulfil their requests (in the case of an order we will ask you for your address, email and telephone number f.I.). Your bank account or other financial data are not handled, nor recorded by us but by our service provider(s) for this, who use secured servers.

We will keep the data we collect as long as legally required, and at least as long as the warranty period in case of a purchase on our site. We will only share data with outside parties when this is necessary to achieve a specific goal (like sending your address details to our shipping provider to be able to deliver your order to you). We will never sell your data nor share them with any outside company without such a direct purpose (unless we are required to do so by a court of law).


We only use cookies to improve the working of our site, and for general analytical purposes (like counting the amount of unique visitors to our website, the time they spend there, frequency of visits). We do not use tracking cookies (those that follow you around to see what other sites you’re visiting), nor profiling cookies (those that hold general information about you other than what you did on our site, and that would give an indication on your back ground, preferences, etc.). You can always delete our cookies from your computer.


We can, and might, change our privacy policy in the future, at which point we’ll update this statement immediately. So please check back here if you’re worried.
In case you’re still not clear on how we treat your data, please write us at:  or call us at +31 488 420 860