We are proud of our low number of warranty claims. Spikes & Sparrow products are handmade and so, despite our regular checks, defects or mistakes may still sometimes occur. You can expect that our products are of good quality, which is why we give a 2 year warranty on all our products after the purchase date as stated on the receipt. Proof of purchase (receipt) is required when a product needs repair service under the warranty.

In principle we will repair the bag. In exceptional cases we will replace or refund the bag. This warranty gives the buyer the right to repairs due to defective parts or workmanship, when used normally. Normal wear and tear, such as scratches or small damages, wear of the zippers and the smoothing or stretching of the leather are not covered by the warranty as this wear and tear is part of a leather product.



If your Spikes & Sparrow product is defective or broken within the warranty period of 2 years, we advise you to go back to the store or shop where you bought the bag. If the defect and the bag are covered by the warranty, the store will provide you with a solution together with us. In principle the bag will be repaired. In exceptional cases it will be replaced or refunded.

* These warranty conditions apply to bags bought at a regular (online) store at regular prices. If you have bought your bag with discount or at a discount store, other rules may apply, depending on the retailer. Please check these conditions with the retailer.


Did you buy the bag in our own shop? Please then send an email to with pictures of your product, the defect and (copy of) proof of purchase. We’ll let you know within 5 working days what will happen next (if you should send the bag to us, for example).

Make sure that you send a copy of your proof of purchase (the receipt we’ve send you by email once we received your payment) with the bag. Please also add a fully completed repair form. This form can be downloaded here.

If you do not have a printer to print out the form, you can also write the needed info, such as your address and a description of the problem, on a paper and add this to the package.


Our bags will last for years. So sometimes it can happen that a defect occurs (long) after the warranty period. In most cases we can repair this against payment. You can send an email to Explain clearly in the e-mail what is broken and add clear photos. Then we will find out for you whether the repair is possible and how much this will cost. Or we will send you a spare part that you can take to a shoemaker, and have it repaired there.


After receiving your ordered product, you have 14 days to consider whether you want to keep the product or not. Do you want to return your product to us within that time? Then use the supplied return form. All the conditions can also be found on this form. Also if something is not in order with your order, such as a wrongly delivered item or damaged product, you can return it to us. In this case, please also use the return form. You do not have a return form? Download it here.


  • You return the item to us within 14 days of receipt.
  • The item is in new condition, unused and well packaged.
  • You fill in your return form as completely as possible.
  • Returning an item is free.
  • We handle your return within 14 days of receipt. This also means that you will receive your money back within that period, on the same account, which you paid us with.

When you have paid for your order with a gift voucher, you will receive the part you paid with the voucher as a gift voucher. What you have added extra yourself, you get back on your account.


1. Fill out the return form

2. Go to to get your free return ticket and print the ticket.

3. Pack the item including the form in the original (or similar) box and close well.

4. Place the return ticket on the box and hand over the package at a UPS Service Point.