Spikes Sparrow: how do you spell our name?

Is it Spikes Sparrow? Or singular: Spike Sparrow? Or maybe with something in between: Spike and Sparrow? It’s true, we have to admit it; our name is not the easiest to get right on the first try. What matters is what we stand for. Which is bags full of character for people with character. That are long lasting, change over time with you and become as unique as you are.

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Spikes Sparrow

Many people refer to us as Spikes Sparrow. In fact, we refer many times to ourselves as Spikes. Like in Spikes leather bags. And who cares? Spikes Sparrow, Spikes, Spike Sparrow, all refer to the same thing; our brand name. That covers our sturdy, high quality and very durable leather bags. For women and men with character. That do not need a brand name to define themselves, but that need a brand that lets them shine!

Spike Sparrow

Are you looking for durable leather bags with a Dutch design? Then chances are that the term ‘Spike Sparrow’ will ring a bell for you. If you Google Spike Sparrow, you will still find us. Yay! You’ve found long lasting, cool and stylish leather bags. Perfect for any adventure you’re willing to take them on. And to hold whatever you want to feed them…

Spike and Sparrow

Have you landed on our website, looking for a cool, durable leather bag? Did you serach for Spike and Sparrow? Then first of all: welcome! You’ve come to the right place! Check out our amazing collection of leather bags with character. And, second of all: congratulations! Because you’ve almost got our name completely right. And we’ve already established that it’s not a particularly easy one. The only thing you missed with Spike and Sparrow is just one letter. You can add an ‘s’ to Spike and there you have it, our official moniker: Spikes and Sparrow. But you know what; if you want to continue to call us Spike and Sparrow, be our guest. We don’t care, as long as you’ll find us!

Who are we at Spikes and Sparrow?

So now you know how to spell our name: Spikes and Sparrow. But, more importantly, who are we? At Spikes and Sparrow, a Dutch company, we’ve designed leather bags since 1998. We’ve been doing this wholeheartedly and with a focus on sustainability, quality and timeless design. We believe that a bag is not just a bag, but a loyal companion. A reliable friend that you carry with you and that you trust with your most important possessions. That’s why we believe that you should be able to rely on your bag. It’s the reason why we design our bags in such a way that they are built to last and, over the years, become just as unique as their owner.

Why the name Spikes and Sparrow?

Spikes are hard and pointy. They can potentially hurt you, if you’re not careful. A sparrow is a gently, joyful little bird. Hard and soft. Pain and joy. A bit like life, actually. With its wonderful days, when you feel like you’re on top of the world. But also with its gloomy days, where nothing seems to go your way. And although we probably all prefer more sparrow, spikes are part of the deal. One can’t exist without the other. And whether you’re celebrating or receiving bad news, there’s one thing to be sure of; your bag will be there with you. Wherever you go, she’ll be by your side. In good times and bad times. In Spikes and Sparrow…