Spikes and Sparrow: how do you actually spell it?

Great! You found us! Whether it was through Spikes Sparrow, or maybe Spike Sparrow, or perhaps via Spike and Sparrow, you've arrived where you were looking for! Well, we honestly admit: our name is not the easiest to remember or type correctly in one go. But you found us, and that's what counts! Are you looking for leather bags for men? Or leather bags for women? Or do you just want general information about our brand? One click and you're there!

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Spikes Sparrow?

Many people know that the words Spikes and Sparrow are in our name. But the 'and' in between is sometimes forgotten. And then you get, logically: Spikes Sparrow. It's close, but unfortunately, we can't count it as completely correct. Because our full name does indeed have an 'and' between Spikes Sparrow. Or, to make it even easier - or harder, an "&" between Spikes Sparrow.

Spike Sparrow?

Are you looking for durable leather bags of Dutch origin? Then there's a good chance that Spike Sparrow rings a bell. If you type "Spike Sparrow" into Google, you'll still find us. But we can let you in on a secret: we don't care how you spell our name, as long as you find us! Then you will come across our beautiful and durable bags. So go ahead, be our guest; Spike Sparrow it is!

Spike and Sparrow?

Did you end up on our site, searching for sturdy and durable bags with a true Dutch design, because you were looking for Spike and Sparrow? Well, first of all: welcome! Have you seen our collection of leather bags with character? And secondly: congratulations, because you've almost spelled our somewhat complicated name correctly! The only thing missing with Spike and Sparrow is that the first word, Spike, can be plural: Spikes! But we don't mind, Spike and Sparrow is good enough for us!

Spikes and Sparrow?

Lastly, we often see that people search for us with the name Spikes and Sparrow. If you also fall into this category, congratulations! Spikes and Sparrow is very logical for a truly Dutch company. Although our name is actually 100% English, and that's why we're not fully called Spikes and Sparrow, but you'll probably see us more often as Spikes & Sparrow with an ampersand. So it's not weird at all if you forgot the 'and'!

Who are we actually at Spikes and Sparrow?

It doesn't matter how you spell our name; Spikes Sparrow, Spike Sparrow, Spike and Sparrow, or Spikes and Sparrow, what's important is: who are we actually? At Spikes and Sparrow, a Dutch company, we've been designing leather bags since 1998. We do this with great pleasure and a focus on sustainability, quality, and timeless design. We believe that a bag is not just a bag, but a loyal companion. A reliable friend that you carry with you and entrust your most important belongings to. That's why we think you should be able to rely on your bag. Our bags are designed to last a long time and, over time, become just as unique as their owner.

Where does the name Spikes and Sparrow come from?

'Spikes' is English for thorns or prickles. And 'Sparrow' is English for sparrow. One is hard and pointy, the other friendly and soft. A bit like life. Characterized by beautiful days when you can take on the whole world, but also the lesser days when everything seems to go against you. And although we all prefer the sparrow, the thorns are also part of it. One cannot exist without the other. And whether you're celebrating a party or if you've just received bad news; your bag shares your life with you. Wherever you go, there it is too. In good times and bad times. In Spikes and Sparrow…