Backpack Leather

Backpack leather is the same type of leather we use in all of our bags. The only difference is that this leather is worn on your back, which means it will be exposed to the elements. That is why almost all of our backpacks come with a rain cover to protect the backpack from the rain. Because our leather is naked, this cover will help your backpack stay close to its original color. Although, if your backpack does get wet, this is still not a problem. In that case most likely some black spots will appear, but this will just help to make your bag more unique and more yours. So with or without cover, your leather backpack is fine.

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Backpack leather man

If you’re looking for a leather backpack for man, you’ve come to the right place! Our Spikes & sparrow web shop is filled with strong and sturdy  leather backpack’s for men. Big ones that can hold your laptop as well. Or diaper backpack leather man, that you can use for your baby’s essentials. And when the baby has become a kid, you can start using it as a laptop backpack leather man.  We even have a laptop backpack that transforms into a “normal” laptop business bag. So whatever you need, you will find your perfect leather backpack for men!

Backpack leather woman

If on the other hand you are looking for a leather backpack for woman, you also can stop looking! We have many different backpacks for woman, in different styles sizes and colors. From leather backpacks that are ideal for every day live in the city, to big women’s backpacks for your laptop and/or baby’s essentials. So check out the leather backpack section of our web shop to see all models we have for women. And no matter which one you like most; you can’t go wrong with any of our leather backpacks from Spikes and Sparrow!

Backpack leather black

Our leather backpacks come in mostly natural colors. Like Brandy, Dark Brown and Black. Black is a basic variety that can be combined with almost any clothing style and colors. A Black leather backpack may be a tad conservative, but is always in fashion. Combined with our vintage style, our Spikes and Sparrow black leather backpacks always stands out as a great choice! If you want to stand out, go for the backpack leather brandy.  Otherwise choose the backpack black or the backpack leather brown. Whatever you feel like today!

Backpack leather styles

Leather is a popular material for backpacks because of its durability, strength, and timeless appearance. Our leather backpacks come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors. For many different occasions and with quite a lot of different looks. A leather backpack from Spikes & Sparrow will get nicer during use. Spots and discolorations can appear, depending on how careful you treat your leather backpack. Especially our backpack leather Bronco will develop a warm patina over time. But only if you use it a lot of course. Which it what is was made for! Otherwise the backpack leather will hardly change. Which would be a pity indeed!

Backpack leather sustainability

Like our other leathers, Spikes and Sparrows leather backpacks are made from animal hides. Hides that come from animals (like buffalo and cow) that are slaughtered for their meat. If these hides are not used, they otherwise would have to be destroyed, probably by being burned. Which would bring its own environmental footprint. So by using our leather bags you are recycling an animal hide and you are avoiding that new materials have to be made. These hides are now used to make beautiful and long lasting bags. Check also our instagram or facebook to see more of our beautiful collection.

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