Leather handbag with character

Are you looking for a leather handbag with character? At Spikes & Sparrow, you’ll find the most beautiful leather handbags for every occasion. Browse our product range and create a timeless look.

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A leather handbag for every occasion 

You’ll find a wide range of leather handbags in our assortment. Whether you choose a small or large handbag, brown, brandy or black leather handbag, at Spikes & Sparrow there’s a suitable handbag for everyone and every occasion.

Leather handbag women

Are you looking for a leather handbag for ladies? A leather handbag by Spikes & Sparrow completes your look, is durable and strong!

Leather handbag: stylish and functional

Our leather handbags are functional and offer ample storage space thanks to their internal and external compartments. The buckles and zippers ensure that you cannot lose your belongings. But that's not all: with a leather handbag, you’ll steal the show! A leather handbag is unique and tells your story. It accompanies you in your daily life. Whatever happens to your leather bag, your experiences only make her more beautiful.

High quality leather handbags

We’ve a passion for leather bags and spend a lot of time and attention on the production details and quality of our bags. We only use the best materials, so you can enjoy your leather bag for years to come. With a Spikes & Sparrow leather bag, you’re investing in a beautiful, durable accessory.

Order your favourite handbag online

At Spikes & Sparrow, you’ll find an extensive collection of leather handbags. Check out the beautiful items online and order your favourite leather handbag quickly, easily and safely on our webshop!

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