Leather crossbody bag, stylish and practical 

Do you often go to festivals or do you like walking? Then a crossbody bag is perfect for you! Check out our wide range of leather crossbody bags. Different. Independent. Strong.

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Suitable for every moment

A leather crossbody bag is super popular! And with good reasons: leather crossbody bags are stylish, practical and durable. A crossbody bag is ideal for a festival, but also handy during a walk, bike ride or other outing. The bag can be worn in different ways: do you prefer to carry it on your hip, back or chest? A leather crossbody bag is suitable for every moment. It's an absolute must-have!

High-quality bags

The leather crossbody bags from Spikes & Sparrow are made of high-quality leather. Leather is a natural material and lasts a long time. Not one piece of leather is the same as another; the material tells a story. With a leather crossbody bag, you invest in a stylish and practical accessory that’ll last for years.

Leather crossbody bag with character 

A leather crossbody bag is unique and tells your story. The bag accompanies you in your daily life and radiates your personality. Whatever happens to your crossbody bag, it’ll make her more beautiful. It's a bag like no other.

Explore our crossbody bags 

The leather crossbody bags from Spikes & Sparrow are available in different styles, sizes and colours. There's always a bag that matches your look.

Leather crossbody bags for women 

A crossbody bag is a trendy accessory suitable for any occasion. At Spikes and Sparrow you will always find the perfect leather crossbody bag for women. A crossbody bag completes your look! Order one of our beautiful and durable bags on our webshop.

Leather crossbody bags for men

We also have various stylish, sturdy and practical leather crossbody bags for men. From black leather bags to brown and brandy. At Spikes & Sparrow, you’ll find the perfect crossbody bag for you.

Order your favourite crossbody bag 

Have you found your favourite leather crossbody bag? You can order your new bag quickly and easily in our webshop! In addition, you get a 2-year warranty and you can always return your order free of charge.

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