We believe that everybody has to find their own way in life. Chart your own course and dare to be yourself.
We’ve been doing exactly that since 1998, when we started the company that is now known as Spikes and Sparrow. We wanted to make bags (and accessories) that are different. That enhance the character and individuality of their owner. Bags that last. And that are, like us, independent and free.

Designed in The Netherlands. With their own handwriting. With international and timeless appeal. Bags that over time become as unique as their owners.



We believe that a bag should show what she’s made of. Ours are made of leather. Leather that in most cases changes over time with the way you use the bag. It’ll become shiny in spots that rub against you. It will develop creases based on what you tend to carry inside it. Spots might appear, when you’ve spilled coffee over it, or bumped into a wall. Whatever happens to your bag though only helps to make her more beautiful. And as unique as you are.



Your bag shares your life with you. She joins you on your travels, obediently carrying your stuff, and is there when you celebrate your successes. When you’re happy. When you win and life’s a beach. But she’s also there when you have to deal with troubles and adversity, and the going gets tough. When we are disappointed. Or sad and blue. Our name celebrates these ups and downs in life. Because you can’t have one without the other.



Our bags are Dutch design, and produced by hand in India. We only work with factories that we know and trust. Factories that do not employ child labour, do not force workers to work overtime, and that create a clean work environment whilst paying normal salaries. That use only REACH compliant chemicals, and nickel free metals. All our factories are either already certified by international standards (such as BSCI or SA8000), or are in the process towards such certification.



We want our bags to reflect your personality. They can only start doing that after spending (a lot of) time with you. This is why our products need to last. Why we spend time on production details, like how to stitch the lining to make sure it won’t tear. Or how to attach the handles in such a way that whatever you decide to carry around in your bag, they won’t break. It is why we use only the best zippers and the strongest metal parts. Why we keep on testing our leather and metal components regularly and why we work continuously on improvements.



And if, despite all our efforts, a problem still occurs, which can happen every once in a while as all bags are made by hand, we make sure we fix it. Which is why we give a two years warranty on our products on parts and workmanship. Assuming you’ve been using the product as it was intended of course…



Sturdy, long lasting bags with their own Dutch handwriting that share your life and (will) reflect your personality. Made by a passionate team. Independent. Strong. Different. Since 1998. What’s not to like?