Privacy policy Spikes & Sparrow

1. Management
The website is managed by SPIKES & SPARROW INTERNATIONAL BV. Contact details can be found on is a trademark of SPIKES & SPARROW INTERNATIONAL BV.

2. Visitor data
2a Some data which come from one or more visits to be permanently retained, but anonymously. The data will never be traced to an individual or organization.
2b ensures proper security of the stored data. can use the data for the following purposes provided by the client:
2c The sending of one or more messages such as, but not limited to, an email with login details listed.
2d Bringing a product, tip, dexterity, etc., to the attention, which thinks it can contribute to a more successful website for the visitor. 

3. Cookies
3a uses cookies to optimize the functionality of the website.
3b The visitor can choose how to handle cookies. He can choose in his browser options if the use of cookies is not allowed or partially permits.
3c Cookies can always be removed from your computer. 

4. Questions
Visitors who have questions about this privacy policy can contact The contact details are listed on the website mentioned in paragraph 1 of this Privacy Policy. 

5. Disclaimer is authorized to change this policy without informing the visitor. 

6. Data to third parties
Information provided by the customer to will never be disclosed to third parties. However, there are exceptions to this rule:
- If a court order has been issued to provide data. 

7. Safety
The data that the customer provided will be stored in a secure environment.