Why leather is better


1. Leather becomes more beautiful when it ages

Leather bags become more beautiful in use. The leather becomes more smooth and its colors more intense and full of life. Little scratches and stains will add character to your leather bag, the bag shows how you use it as the different oils migrate through the leather. Synthetic bags do not have this feature. They will start to look old or even tear and will never show a characteristic and vintage look.


2. Leather is durable

An often used synthetic bag will have to be replaced in about 6 months to 12 months as the bag is subject to wear and tear and probably is damaged. You will have to buy a new one and spend your money, over and over again. A leather bag is strong and durable. It will stay with you for years and years, just like a good friend. In case a problem arises with your leather bag it is most probably easy to repair and the costs will be lower than the benefits as your bag is again ready to go.


3. Leather is flexible

A bag is always in motion, from wearing and the things that are in it. Synthetic fabrics can get damaged because of this and cause it to tear later on. While leather just becomes smoother and more beautiful by this process.


4. Leather can carry more weight

Because it’s just stronger.


5. Leather smells great

Synthetic fabrics smells funny and toxic. Leather on the other hand has a very natural and pleasant scent.


6. There are many different types and colors of leather

Who says leather can’t be fun? Leather is available in every color! There are even possibilities to print on the leather. And there’s thick leather, thin leather with all kinds of looks and feels.