Different kinds of leather

Thanks to the special in-house developed tanning processes of the leather, all Spikes & Sparrow bags have a special and recognizable vintage appearance. Below you can find a list that describes our kinds of leather:



Based on Cow Hides, this leather is treated with vegetable extracts giving it a rugged character. Soft waxes and oils are hand tamponated onto the leather to enhance the suppleness of the leather. The bags made from this leather are washed and tumble dried giving them a look that is truly vintage.



Based on cow calf hides, this super soft leather has been treated with softening agents and oils in the tanning process. The leather is hand tamponated using a combination of soft creams and dyes. After the leather has been colored, each skin goes through a process of de coloring, which results in the beautiful vintage optic of this leather.



Bronco is made from buff skin, which is known for its thickness and strength. Therefore it has many possibilities for use, and one of them is bag making. After the first tanning process the skin is treated with vegetable extracts which makes it more soft. This is needed for further processing. After this the skin is washed and hand-waxed, which gives it the multi colored effect and vintage look. To give it even more of this used look the skin is washed again and polished after drying. The result of all this is a very strong and unique leather. Every bag has the vintage look, but its own character. Differences in look are common and pronounced, as much is done by hand. We believe this effect even adds to the look of this vintage leather.



Tundra leather is also made from the strong and thick buffalo hide. The way the skins are processed is very similar to Bronco. The difference lies in the finishing: after assembly the bags are washed which gives the bag a sturdy, washed and vintage look.